The Aftermath: Has Racism Gotten Better

As we look into the future to determine the foundation of our communities we must first look at the well being of the family. How healthy are our families, because as our families go so go our communities. Every RACE of people on the plant has worked to establish a build a strong foundation; it’s called the FAMILY!

But when the family is threatened as we have seen in the Black Family how can we possibly build a strong community? Every day a devastating trend is taking place where young black men are seeing themselves as targets in a society where they don’t belong. Have we reached a level of severity in the black community? From Ferguson Missouri to Birmingham Alabama young black men have become targets to use at random. 

I hear people say things like racism has gotten better in America; allow me to ask you a question, “As A Black Man Has Racism Gotten Better”? Allow me to propose something to you; from the Holocaust of the Jews to Slavery of African-Americans have you ever heard anyone tell “Jews That They Should Just Get Over It”? Why has the plight of African-Americans become a page to turn in American History? We can never move forward when we are so unwilling to acknowledge that the problem still exist. 

So what am I proposing as African- Americans? I’m not proposing civil unrest from the black community nor am I proposing anarchy. I’m proposing a Willingness for Understanding, Education and Awareness. Isn’t it time that we take a look at where we came from and what we did to harm those that we see on the news every day?

I consider this a critical time in American history, how do we move forward but yet also except the damage that has occurred? Ferguson Missouri is just one picture in a collage of many; Michael Brown is just one amongst many. When do we as Americans say Enough is Enough and except all of us as American citizens; all with the Rights to Justice, Equality and Freedom!

In this situation the Struggle has been Televised don’t change the channel!!!

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